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Have you ever thought why people prefer products that have clove in them or what made them attracted to the clove? The ingredient has healing properties and provides infinite benefits to health. Every clove at queasy is handpicked and coke under quality packaging. Apart from having health benefits of clove, we will learn about the top 5 medical benefits of Queasy Clove

1- Cancer 

You might be wondering how this small ayurvedic ingredient can help to cure cancer. We tell you that queasy clove has anti-cancer properties that help to fight esophageal cancer and breast cancer cells. The spicy herb helps to reduce the risk of cancer cells and fight against inflammation.

2- Liver

As we mentioned above cloves have eugenol which helps to promote liver health and reduces the risk of and also helps liver cirrhosis and liver scarring. It helps your body to fight oxidative stress and protect the liver as it has antioxidants.

3- Stomach ulcer

Stomach ulcers are quite painful and can happen due to stress, infection and genetic as well. Cloves have anti-ulcer properties that help to protect your liver from digestive acids and stomach lining. Some research indicates that the compounds found in cloves could help

4- Diabetes 

One of the finest benefits of consuming clove is that it helps to lower down glucose levels moderate blood sugar spikes in diabetic patients. It has a compound called nigericin that improves insulin secretion to maintain a balanced diet by keeping blood sugar levels in check.

5- Respiratory health 

Queasy clove helps to treat bronchitis and other respiratory issues like cold and cough. The oil properties in the clove have an anti-inflammatory effect and help to soothe the respiratory tract. Eating dishes or soups that has clove helps to open blocked closed nasals and gives you relief.

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