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We all have once wished to explore Old Delhi due to its overwhelming love roots. Whether it is about discovering the best outfits, street food or dry fruits in Delhi, we never miss a single chance to get the best thing under an affordable budget. However, everyone can’t explore everything regularly unless they are a blogger or explorer.

dry fruits in Khari Baoli

We cannot explore everything or adjust everything according to our bucket list but when it comes to dry fruit and nuts online, we have big news for you. Now you can get the finest Indian spices and dry fruits in Khari baoli by sitting at your home. Yes, you heard it right. There is no need to go here and there or stand in a long queue in search of getting the qualified dry fruits in Khari Baoli when you have “Queasy”.

Queasy is the best shop that deals in Indian spices, Ayurvedic herb, dried fruits and dry fruits in Khari Baoli. Apart from being famous for its handpicked products and qualified packaging, queasy has now available online as well. Situated in the heart of Old Delhi, the shop is 70 years old and has switched to sell its products like dried fruits, Indian Masala’s, Herbs and dry fruits online from the past year.

Some of their products include almonds, pistachios, cashews, cloves, Ayurvedic Jadibutis, and Seeds. The shop is the first preference of every customer for 30 years. What makes them stand out from other dry fruits in Khari Baoli is that they provide 100% original dry fruits and have an acquaintance on how to differentiate between local dry fruits and original dry fruits.

Talking about their pricing, they provide dry fruits in a believable price and in every size that can easily afford from anyone. In winter they have a huge long queue since morning and it continues till evening unless the shop closes. But now you can easily order the best dry fruits in Khari baoli if you live far from old Delhi.

Discussing why one should eat organic dry fruits or dry fruits without adding preservatives or chemical is that consuming local dry fruits don’t have minerals and can damage your health as well. Of course, organic dry fruits or dried fruits are a bit expensive but when it comes to health, one should always focus on the quality and not quantity.


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