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Coronavirus is a high-risk global pandemic that has taken the world under its tide in a matter
of just a few months since its inception at Wuhan in China. In a few days, the society has
come under complete unmoored panic and an atmosphere obsessed with fear. Millions are
checking and rechecking the social media and news feeds for updates on COVID-19
statistics, and its widespread effect on the world has taken globe under the brunt of the virus.
The current outbreak of the new 2019 Novel Coronavirus (Covid 19) has infected millions of
people, and the numbers seem to increase each day.

Countries have taken drastic steps as precautionary measures to prevent the spread. India, for
instance, has undergone a complete twenty days lockdown period and has been performing
universal screenings of all travellers as precautionary measures.
Amidst all this, several healthcare experts have been are releasing the latest updates to keep
the public informed about the new coronavirus to take adequate precautionary measures to
stop its spread.


Symptoms of Coronavirus

According to WHO, this medical condition is linked to millions of cases of persistent sore
throat and swollen lymph nodes.

The most common symptoms of Covid-19 are fever,
tiredness, and a dry cough. Some patients may also have a runny nose, sore throat, nasal
congestion, aches, and pains as well as diarrhea. Some people report losing their sense of
taste and smell.
More than 80% of young, healthy adults may experience mild symptoms of COID-19, which
one can recover without special treatment. The elderly and the young children below the age
of 10 need to be more cautious as their immunity level is low, and they are more vulnerable
to it.
Moreover, people with chronic medal conditions like heart problems, hypertension, diabetes,
and respiratory conditions are also at significant risk of getting COVID-19. Covid-19 is viral
pneumonia, where antibiotics are of no use. The anti-viral drugs even do not seem to affect,
and there is no vaccine. Recovery largely depends on the strength of the immune system.

Transmission of Covid-19

The researchers are continually researching in-depth information on the dynamics of the
transmission of this virus. They have come to the conclusion that this virus is transmitted
mainly through the following ways:

  • Through the medium of the droplets created after coughing or sneezing of an infected
  • Consumption of virus-containing animal products
  • Contact with infected animals or humans.
  • Through public places, especially during public transportations, meetings, gatherings,
  • The good news is that there has been no link of coronavirus to be airborne transmission


Role of Immune System At Fighting The Coronavirus 

The immune system plays a crucial role in fighting Coronavirus infections. A sound and the
healthy immune system allow your body to fight off the infection before it gets worst.


Do And Don’t’s For Safety From Coronavirus 

  • Cover your mouth with a tissue while sneezing or coughing and throw it into the
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap for twenty seconds and use a 70% alcohol-
    based sanitizer
  • Cook animal products thoroughly before cooking
  • Maintain social distancing from other people and especially those who have
    symptoms of the flu. Avoid entering crowded places.
  • Seek medical attention if you have a severe cough and difficulty breathing

Havoc on Market Conditions and Psychological Health

Mass equity, as a result of coronavirus, has created havoc on the world Sensex. Such an
extreme economic recession, which the virus brings along with it, has created a critical
Moreover, these drastic measures adopted by nations and the stress ad fear of this pandemic
has also embraced higher anxiety and stress among people. People have become more
vulnerable to mental stress and disorder as a result. Hence we face a critical juncture from an
emotional and psychological point of view as well.

Unite To Fight

We need to be more flexible and embrace uncertainty. The virus has spread rampantly. It has
bought with it severe restrictions and a complete economic recession. The current crisis calls
upon every citizen globally to build inner strength to fight the pandemic. It calls for us to
develop our emotional and physical resistance to get out of the crises with a victory.

Best Food to Fight Covid-19 to Strengthen Your Immunity System

Can you boost your immunity system to fight COVID-19 with immunity-boosting food? It is
a question which props in everyone's mind amidst the worldwide crisis. Here are some best
food you should include in your diet to build strong immunity and ward off the virus.

  • Queasy Garlic Cloves 
    The garlic is a powerful anti-viral food which can be added to food items or consumed raw. It
    has excellent ayurvedic ingredients to fight against inflammation and a fantastic ingredient to
    boost your immune system.
  • Queasy Resveratrol
    Foods rich in resveratrol such as almonds, pistachios, grapes, blueberries and cranberries are
    very powerful to fight infections, stress and make your immunity stronger. Queasy deals with
    the best products which are rich in resveratrol like almonds, cashews, cloves, seeds, and
    pistachios. These are chemical-free and organic, which have nutrients and minerals to bring
    immense benefits to your health.
  • Queasy Figs
    Figs are excellent high-quality, powerful dry fruits which is loaded with nutrients,
    magnesium and vitamins. Figs are also a very rich source of anti-oxidants. These work
    effectively to fight infections and improves the immunity system by fighting the bacteria and
    protecting us against infectious disease like coronavirus. Figs also work effectively at
    reducing fever.
  • Queasy Quinoa Seeds 
    Quinones Seeds is one of the richest ayurvedic foods you should consume to fight corona.
    Queasy quinoa seeds are rich in proteins, and essential amino acids necessary to keep our
    immunity in good shape.

Note: Now that you are aware, aware of the health benefits of Queasy products to strengthen your
immunity system, get them online to build inner strength and fight the pandemic.

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